Bathtub screen

Choosing a bathing tub to be fitted in your bathroom proves to be a very tricky thing to do. Apparently, not only do you get to choose one out of a hundred bathtubs but also you need to choose a bathtub screen. Every time you try to refresh the looks of your bathing room you’re

Twyford bathroom suites are for me

It is hard to write about being a satisfied customer, without being accused of subjectivity, or just a pure urge for advertising. I must say, that I always need a lot of time before I take any decision. I try to compare the entire offer available on the market, being guided by the ‘’quality versus

A word on water saving taps

If you count yourself among the Captain Planet fans, your greatest desire lying in protection of the environment, or perhaps the other way around – if you’ ve had enough of your constantly growing water bills and would like to repair the household budget a bit, we might have the solution just for you.

Sink brackets – stylish and practical

You may already know it, but when you have your bathroom designed or renovated, you have to take into account all details, even if such details concern some minute changes implemented in the wet room. That is why, when you buy and install a sink or a basin, you have to eventually think of sink

Water saving taps are now popular

Nowadays we should think ecologically, it’s especially important in big cities and in a case of countries, which have high population. There are a lot of social actions, thanks to which people learn how to save environment by saving water and energy. Moreover, we can learn how to segregate garbage, which is especially important now,

The best quality offset baths

When it comes to various models and designs of baths, my personal opinion is that offset baths ( are truly unmatched. I recommend them to anyone wishing to find a’ perfect’ bath tub for their bathing room.

Availability of Twyford toilet spares

The fact that Twyford offers very sophisticated rim-free water saving toilet doesn’t mean they’re expensive to maintain. As a matter of fact, Twyford toilet spares are available from numerous online and local stores dealing with sanitary ware accessories.

Bathroom inspiration on a global scale

Foto: When it comes to furnishing a bathing room, there are many options to choose from. Luckily, more and more people choose a much more challenging approach which involves an individual quest for bathroom inspiration. A typical approach to furnishing a new bathing room doesn’t really have much to do with originality or style.

Furniture washbasins

Sometimes being trendy and stylish doesn’t mean being ridiculous. For instance, furniture washbasins are excellent in being very functional pieces of design to be used on a daily basis. The fact that art needs you to trade all the functionality and practicality for style and design is well-rooted in the minds of mankind.

Waterless urinal – facts.

Over twenty years ago in Germany lived an inventor, who invented something really revolutionary: a waterfree urinal. Introduced in 1991, it has quickly spread throughout the world and became very popular in some countries, while in other introduction of this kind of urinals is still a problem due to many protests and strong opposition from

Preventing accidents with a shower seat

The lack of as simple device as a shower seat seems to be a frequent cause of bathroom accidents. Apparently, you don’t have to be a disabled person to appreciate the numerous benefits offered by the seat. Quite a lot of people wrongly assume that a shower seat is only of use to disabled people.

Shallow baths are in

If you count yourself amongst those for whom practicality, comfort and style of a wet room have always been of utmost importance and at the same time happen to be in the middle of your precious apartment redecoration, then we might have the solution you’ ve just craved for a while now – discover the