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When looking for a possibility to increase the amount of available space in our bathroom we often forget that the best results are gained through realization of a good plan. In case of compact bathrooms (twyfordbathrooms.com) the best plan is to start from uncluttering the place as much as possible – who knows, maybe after uncluttering yopur bathroom will become spacious and comfortable again.

And if not, then it is the…

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And if not, then it is the time to look for some other, less obvious and less traditional solutions. The thing is to not overdo it though, because it is very easy to become a victim of some so-called „modern and futuristic” bathrooms designs, which are no better than what we have already, but they cost a fortune to implement and they look different than what we used to see in bathrooms. The best thing is to use and incorporate modern and up-to-date solutions to our bathrooms and their designs( especially when comes to the water efficiency ), but to some reasonable extent – if you feel that some particular piece of bathroom furniture just does not fit your vision, don’t use it as there are probably other items with the same functionality, but more suitable for you.

And always use your reason to…


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And always use your reason to evaluate possible pros and cons of using any given solution, especially if you’re not the only person who will use the bathroom.

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