Shower seats – a bit of information

Our choices of bathroom fittings should be always dependent on our needs and financial possibilities( not to mention the bathroom’s size. )and current trends should have little to no influence on our decisions. That’s why it is wise to choose such fittings, which can make our life easier and the bathroom’s usage more comfortable for us.

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A fantastic example of such solution is…

A fantastic example of such solution is a shower seat – still not quite popular despite its obvious usefulness. Many people thinks that shower seats are useful only for people with disabilities – while that’s generally true, the true potential of such seats lies in their versatility. For example owners of smaller bathrooms are always looking for solutions allowing them to increase the amount of available space without decreasing the bathroom’s functionality. With a shower seat it’s very easy: instead of installing a shower enclosure we can change the bathroom into a wet room( thus no cabin and a lot of free floor space )and install a folding shower seat on the wall to provide a possibility to take a shower while sitting – an option especially useful when we’re tired or have problems with joints or knees – and after a shower we just fold the seat back and have a really spacious bathroom again!.



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