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There are many available bathrooms designs for us – some of them are really futuristic, other ones are more traditional, but pretty much all of them include some kind of a cabinet or shelves in order to provide us with some storage space in our bathrooms. Although there are many possibilities and choices, we should always take into consideration our needs and the layout of our bathroom itself in order to find the best and the most space efficient way to store bathroom chemicals.

One of the most common and the…

One of the most common and the most popular ways of solving the storage problems is a side cabinet – it provides us not only with an effective way to store aforementioned chemicals and detergents, but also may serve as a mirror frame. There are some things to remember about though when comes to safe usage of the side cabinet. If we have little children, then we should also take care about some lock or other secure way to close the cabinet in order to prevent children from accessing potentially dangerous chemicals by them – this could lead to a tragedy, so it is extremely important.

Next, if we want our cabinet…

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Next, if we want our cabinet to serve us for years, then we should ensure that it is waterproof, because bathrooms are usually very humid places so any wooden items will ot be safe there unless impregnated.

bathroom design


bathrooms designs


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