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Saving money on our monthly bills is nowadays quite a difficult task due to constantly raising prices of electric energy, natural gas, crude oil and drinking water. Especially the latter resource is the one to be saved, because without water humankind can’t survive. Thankfully there are available for us some ways of decreasing water usage in our houses and one of them is installation of water efficient fixtures in our bathrooms and restrooms.

Compact corner toilets are only one of…

Compact corner toilets are only one of representants of this group of items and they are becoming more and more popular recently, which is a good sign in general, meaning that we are becoming more and more aware of problems of a modern world. However the most water wasted by us does not come from toilets, but from faucets – we could save really huge amounts of water if we’d decide to install water saving taps in our bathroom and restroom.

Just a simple example here:…



Just a simple example here: you’re probably brushing your teeth at least once a day, right. How often you do that with water turned off. Never. And that’s exactly the problem, which can be easily solved with water saving taps that are allowing us, for example, turn the water on for a set( usually short )amount of time.

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