Solutions for cloakroom

Having a separate cloakroom is usually considered a real bless and a very comfortable solution, allowing to simultaneously use this( very important. )place when our bathroom is already occupied by someone, who likes to take long, hot baths for example.

However there are some possible problems with…

However there are some possible problems with a separate cloakroom and one of the most common ones is the problem of lack of comfort due to small amount of space available there. Because problems without solutions simply don’t exist, this particular one also has the solution available – probably even many solutions. Here we will focus on one aspect: on the presence of a washbasin in the cloakroom.

This is not really mandatory( due to aforementioned lack of space ), but it definitely allows us to wash hands after using the toilet, which is generally a great possibility and idea. Nonetheless, we should not install standard washbasins there as they are way too big for that purpose and will only make the cloakroom uncomfortable to use. Instead it is better to look for washbasins designed specifically for cloakrooms ( they are smaller in size, but provide exactly the same functionality and are far more space efficient as well as relatively cheap( and definitely cheaper than typical ones ), so buy a compact washbasin and feel comfortable in the cloakroom!.

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