Small bathrooms – how to arrange them comfortably?

Nowadays finding the advice about arranging a compact bathroom is not very difficult – we have the access to the Internet, so we can easily search for any information we need without any problem at all.

There are, however, some general rules…

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There are, however, some general rules to which we should stick when looking for bathroom fittings for our house and these rules are not always mentioned by the authors of advices in the Internet. These rules aren’t very complicated and they are based on a common sense, so you will not have any trouble with remembering them. The most important rule to stick with is to know the size and shape of your bathroom: people tend to pay little to no attention to that and after buying some fittings they suddenly see that these fittings do not fit.



This can be easily avoided if you first measure the bathroom and then go shopping. Another thing to remember is to use the available space wisely and untypically: walls are a great place for all kinds of wall shelves or cabinets – the latter are especially interesting solution for our storage needs, because they can also be mounted on the bathroom’s walls, which is even better option space-wise – under such cabinet we can place a washing machine or anything we consider necessary.

And finally: compact-sized bathroom fittings are your…

And finally: compact-sized bathroom fittings are your friends – they require less space and offer the same functionality as their larger counterparts!.

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