Ecological and space efficient toilets

It is rather obvious why we should care about our natural resources and the environment: without them we will be unable to live on Earth, so it is really crucial to conserve drinking water reserves – this can be achieved mainly be reducing overall water usage and while in industry some solutions are already incorporated and are functioning even better than expected, in our houses we still waste huge amounts of water every day.

If you’re skeptical, then try any water…

If you’re skeptical, then try any water efficiency calculator and you’ll find out quite exactly how water efficient your house is. Of course if we want to decrease our water usage, we should use water efficient equipment in our house, which usually means that we have to replace some fittings in our bathroom. You can start from your toilet, because it is rather cheap option and it is also really easy to install by yourself. Replacing old toilet bowl with a new, compact toilet gives you two basic advantages: first is of course reduced water usage due to smaller tank and dual flush system of your new toilet, and second advatage is the space efficiency: compact toilets are smaller( but still comfortable to use ), so they require less floor space – a very nice feature for all owners of small bathrooms!.

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