Shower in an unusual place of your house

We usually think about arranging the space in our bathroom in quite standard terms and are not very eager to try something different than common schemes – despite the fact that nowadays our flats can have really surprising shapes and sizes, which should be arranged accordingly. In an untypical flat it is not difficult to find an unusual spot for our shower enclosure to stand out and still be fully functional.

One of such spots is definitely a…

One of such spots is definitely a middle of the flat – place not quite popularly chosen for a shower enclosure, but you should remember that you aren’t designing your place traditionally in almost any way. Of course this does not exhaust available to you possibilities: equally great option is to find in your flat some nice and comfortably looking niche and adapt it to the role of a shower cabin.



Moreover, if you live alone,…

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Moreover, if you live alone, you don’t have to take into consideration any opinions, which makes it easier to arrange such a flat. Thanks to such way of thinking about the place you live in you can really make it your very personal, very unique piece of reality that will be your miniature „homeland” and „safehold” to go back to – and this is nowadays a very needed thing to have such a place.

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