Designing a small but clever bathroom

Although dealing with relatively small bathrooms is never an easy task, it seems that it is far from being impossible. In order to succeed, then, one needs to be clever and open for innovative solutions. For a small bathroom design to be successful it needs, of course, to take into account the area limitation and all its consequences.

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With this in mind, a full size bathtub is obviously impossible and it needs to give way to shower enclosures. Shower facilities, as it turns out, are capable of using the available space in a much more efficient manner. Instead of occupying half the area available, a shower uses just a fraction of that amount. What’s more, there are different shower trays available in order to make sure that it matches the shape of your bathroom. A popular option involve a triangular tray which allows for the item to be located in the corner which is an excellent solution from the space management point of view.

bathroom design




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When it comes to bathroom furniture, the same sort of principle should be in use. Tall cabinets which are just about able to reach the ceiling are recommended in order to make most of the area there is. The right approach to space management in a bathing room results in a multitude of storage space which is always very useful.

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