A stylish bathroom design

Due to the fact that stock bathroom designs don’t offer much in the way of originality, a lot of customers decide to go down their own design way. Interestingly, a majority of ideas involve a minimalistic sort of style appropriate for relatively small bathing rooms.

ideal bathroom

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Typical bathroom ideas offered by big sanitary…

Typical bathroom ideas offered by big sanitary ware companies aren’t really innovative when it comes to style or design. Instead, they offer a kind of a fail-safe solution which should always work regardless of particular conditions. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t find a safe bet solution satisfactory which is why they go on a quest for a customised bathroom design. When it comes to a particular bathroom design that is followed most of the time, it must be mentioned that the so-called minimalistic ideas are very popular at the moment.

The reason for the popularity of a minimalistic design is to be found in the average size of a modern day bathing room. A small bathroom, understandably, requires using those bathroom products which serve at least two functions. First of all, they need to do what they are supposed to do and then they need to do it without occupying too much space inside.

bathroom design

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A toilet with a concealed cistern is an excellent example. Thanks to the fact that a cistern is actually embedded in a wall, the entire toilet bowl can be located as closely to the wall as possible.

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