What sinks should we choose?

The early stages of preparations to the general rearrangement of ou bathroom’s interior may seem tedious and boring, because they consist mostly of long hours of searching for information about particular pieces of bathroom equipment and deciding whether they will be useful for us or not. It is, however, the only way to ensure that we will not make any irreversible mistake and thus we should be very careful during that stage of planning.

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One of the problems that we…

One of the problems that we may have is the choice of a right washbasin for a bathroom and cloakroom – possibilities are numerous, but in general they can be briefly described as the choice between plastic, steel and ceramic wash basins. While every of these options has its own pros and cons, it is worth to mention that steel sinks are very rarely chosen to private houses because they somehow do not fit our requirements and their look is still a bit too extravagant for us to feel really comfortable with that choice. This leaves us with the necessity of choosing between cheaper, but less durable plastic washbasins and durable, almost completely stainless and quite expensive ceramic ones.

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The best we can do is to…

The best we can do is to install plastic washbasins in cloakrooms and ceramic in bathrooms and kitchens as this is the most logical choice.


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