Shower cabin in a tiny bathroom

Small bathrooms are not easy to arrange effectively and the final success depends heavily on our ability to think out-of-the-box, on our willingness to finish the job and on available for us pieces of bathroom equipment. Every sane person knows very well that anything bigger than a small shower enclosure will reduce the amount of available floor space so greatly that there will not be any possibility to make the bathroom comfortable to use.



This does not stop people…

This does not stop people from trying though and the only effect of their efforts are growing expenses, which could be easily avoided if the design would incorporate a small shower cabin right from the beginning. Such cabins, except their obvious low requirements when comes to the floor space, have also some other advantages: they are, for example, very water efficient, which in the long run greatly decreases our monthly water bills and allows us to become really friendly towards the environment. Moreover, modern shower cabins are also often equipped with some very nice features, like a water jet or sauna, which are usually unavailable in bathtubs, which is a very good reason to install in our small bathroom such small shower enclosure instead of a tub.



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