Bath screen in a small bathroom

Small bathrooms are usually rather difficult to arrange effectively, functionally and comfortably, but the biggest problem for a designer of such limited space appears when the owner does not want to even hear anything about installing a shower enclosure and demands a bathtub no matter what. Many designers just leave such people with their problem as there are other, less demanding tasks that they can put some effort to, but other people( including myself )treat such situation as a challenge.



Of course we can speak…

Of course we can speak about a challenge only if there is even the slightest possibility to „fulfill the quest”, but thankfully in the aforementioned case there is. The key is to choose a bathtub appropriately( which means usually the size adjusted to the bathroom )and then to convince the owner to using a folding screen. This may seem not the best idea at the first glance, but nowadays there are available folding screens that are completely resistant to humidity( an essential feature in any bathroom ), so the only problem is the price of such screen and the willingness of the owner to actually use it.

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Such screens are still so rarely used by people that the best argument to convince anyone is „no one else in the neighborhood uses such thing, so you will be first”.

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