A fight for a better water economy

According to experts, we are soon to expect a sudden increase in the number of water efficient sanitary ware products offered in the bathroom market. Apparently, the demand for economical products appears to be more and more visible even as we speak.

The times of glitz and glamour in…

The times of glitz and glamour in sanitary ware industry have come to an end. According to the latest reports, people influenced by the overwhelming effects of global recession are desperate to look for savings wherever possible. Perhaps the easiest way to save a few quid on a regular basis involves fitting economical sanitary ware equipment. As it turns out, using a shower enclosure instead of a regular bathtub in itself is very beneficial if you want to pay less for your water bills. Experts maintain that an average tub is so inefficient that switching to showers is bound to result in massive savings immediately.

Those who are used to having…

Those who are used to having a bath and unwilling to swap one for a shower enclosure should remember about the so-called small baths. As opposed to regular ones, the smaller alternative offers the same bathing experience using 30-40% less water than conventional designs. Another very important common feature of small bathtubs and showers is time efficiency so, as they say, time is money.

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