Best cupboards for bathrooms

When comes to the arrangement of space inside our bathrooms perhaps the biggest problem for us is the matter of choosing the appropriate bathroom fittings and furniture to make the place not only functional, but also comfortable to use. While the exact range of possibilities is heavily affected by the size and shape of our bathroom, there are some things that we should know before even trying to choose the equipment for the place – especially furniture.

Basically there are three types of bathroom…

Basically there are three types of bathroom cupboards available on the market: underbasin cabinets, wall-hung cabinets and tall ones. Every type is of course useful, but they have slightly different functionalities and as such it is best to combine two or more types of bathroom cupboards together to make use of their full functionality. Underbasin cupboards have one( in rare cases two )shelves inside and are best for storing bathroom chemicals.

Wall-hung cabinets have usually two or three…

Wall-hung cabinets have usually two or three shelves inside and are the best storage solution for all smaller bathroom items like toothpaste, toothbrushes etc. Tall cabinets are usually installed in the corners of the bathroom and have many shelves inside, so their main use is to store towels etc.

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