Compact shower enclosures

Recent trend for arranging our bathrooms with the use of compact pieces of bathroom equipment is still quite strong and will probably not disappear quickly – mostly due to the fact that some of these compact items are really fantastic when comes to their effectiveness compared to the effectiveness of regular bathroom fittings: the best example are toilets.

But in some cases this miniaturization…

But in some cases this miniaturization may seem not the best idea, because some fittings are already rather small „by nature” – for example shower cabins.

This does not change the fact that small shower enclosures exist and are even quite popular, so I’ve decided to check by myself whether these small enclosures are really less comfortable than their standard counterparts or not. The first impression was a bit surpsiring, because these small cabins are a bit different: they are usually shaped semicircularly, which means that they are meant to be installed in one of the corners of a bathroom.

Compact shower enclosures – gallery

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Inside a small shower enclosure were enough space for me and I’m not very slender, if you know what I mean, so it was a positive shock after all. When comes to the functionality I have to say that there were no difference for me – at least the cabins I’ve seen were as functional as any other enclosures, so if you want a small one, buy it without any hesitation.

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