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Cloakroom is very often treated by us as not a very important place in the house despite the fact that we use it many times a day – only if it is really uncomfortable to use we are willing to change something in the arrangement of space in the restroom. It is much better though to care from the beginning about the comfortable and functional design of a cloakroom and it is also necessary to install a sink there in order to allow us to wash hands after using the toilet.

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There are many different types of washbasins…

There are many different types of washbasins for cloakrooms available on the market though and it is sometimes quite difficult to choose the right one – usually because we don’t know what we should pay attention to. The first and the most important thing is the size and the place of installation: the most space-efficient sinks for cloakrooms are installed in corners of the restroom, so you should look for exactly such washbasin.

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It should be a ceramic sink, because…

It should be a ceramic sink, because such washbasins are durable, stainless( well, almost completely )and are very easy to clean. They also do not lose color like plastic sinks usually do, so ceramic sinks will look like new even after many years of usage provided they are properly and regularly cleaned.

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