Bathroom with a shower enclosure

Currently it is quite common to see that people are choosing for their bathrooms pieces of equipment that allow them to reduce their water usage. This is rather understandable because there always is something to do with some extra money saved on water bills, but this is also the effect of growing awareness of global problems with conserving our drinking water reserves.

The trend to be environmentally-friendly is a…

The trend to be environmentally-friendly is a trend that hopefully many people will follow and we can start from introducing some minor water saving solutions to our bathroom. Ecological bathroom suites should allow us to reduce our current water usage by at least one-third, which may seem impossible at the first glance, but is absolutely achievable with the use of appropriate fittings. Bathtub is the first item to remove and replace with a modern, water efficient shower enclosure. By taking a short shower( no more than 4 or 5 minutes )we will save up to 40% of water when compared to water used to take a bath.

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bathroom design


Compact toilet with the dual flush…

Compact toilet with the dual flush system and small tank( maximum 6 litres, though there are even smaller ones available on the market )is a great addition to that and the final element of our ecological bathroom suite should be water saving taps – for example non-concussive ones. Such suite is really environmentally friendly if used as intended.



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