Contemporary designs for bathrooms

Usually in our houses and apartments we would like to arrange the bathroom in a rather comfortable, yet very functional way depending on the availability of space inside the bathroom, the exact bathroom design that is used and the amount of money we are willing to spend.

bathroom inspiration


Such design, however, will most…

Such design, however, will most likely still be quite typical and common – while for many people this is enough, there are also those, who need to stand out in the crowd no matter what. For them are available some very interesting options. Traditionally the bathroom is entered from the anteroom – that’s the way the apartments are designed and that’s also very convenient for all users. But there are people, who do not have a separate bathroom: instead, their bathroom is „scattered” throughout the whole house( usually the bathroom is combined with the living room ), making it exceptional and unique.



There may be some problems with maintaining( or even achieving )some privacy in such bathroom, but for those, who have such bathrooms it is probably less important matter than such an unexampled solution. If this is not enough you can always use for example a bathtub as the table: by placing a tabletop on it and removing it onloy when you are taking a bath.

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