Cozy bathroom doesn’t have to be large!

There is a common opinion that it is impossible to arrange a small bathroom comfortably due to the size of such place and the fact that any bathroom can’t be cozy without a large bathtub. Thankfully such opinions are uttered by people, who usually don’t have the slightest idea about what can and what can’t be done with the use of modern bathroom equipment and some unorthodox thinking.

Furthermore, it is even possible…

Furthermore, it is even possible to have a bathtub in a smaller bathroom and this will not affect the level of functionality at all. A vast majority of the above mentioned opinions is based on the situation from about twenty or thirty years ago, when there were not many bathroom stores, Internet was not available to everyone and usually the bathtub was the only option. Contemporary designs of bathrooms are quite different( in some cases even very radically )and there are available many items that can be very helpful in designing a cozy, yet small bathroom: for example asymmetrical bathtubs and washbasins, all kinds of corner fittings( toilets, sinks, shelves )and bath screens are only examples of such pieces of bathroom equipment.

There are also very skilled and…

There are also very skilled and talented designers, who can design the bathroom of any given size if you are willing to pay for their services.

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