Importance of space efficiency

Practically every standard bathroom could be more spacious and more comfortable – especially if we take into consideration the fact that more or less all bathrooms nowadays are designed as not very large places. This usually forces us to trying to make the place more spacious and thus more comfortable for all the users, but our possibilities in that regard are somehow limited.

It is even more difficult to…

It is even more difficult to be successful if we have a separate cloakroom, because this means that we have a tiny space, where we have to install a toilet and maybe a washbasin.

Thankfully nowadays we also have the access to numerous interesting solutions that are designed to be used in such small cloakrooms or bathrooms, so the main problem appears to be not the availability of particular items, but rather their usefulness for us. As it was mentioned we have to install a toilet bowl in the cloakroom and we have basically two choices here: we can buy a standard-sized one or a compact toilet. The latter are better choice because they require less floor space and if we happen to find a corner one, we can save a lot of floor space, allowing us to install a compact washbasin as well( it can also be a corner one ).

Compact toilets ( have one more advantage: they have smaller than regular tanks, which directly translates into lower water usage and thus lower water bills!.

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