Sources of good ideas for a bathroom design

After buying our first own house or flat we usually want it to be arranged as beautifully and functionally as possible, so we start to look for ideas on how to arrange individual rooms – for some reason the most problematic place appears to be the bathroom: if we don’t want it to be typical and boring, we have to look for some untypical solutions and sources of inspiration somewhere.

And there’s probably no better…

bathroom designs ideas


And there’s probably no better place for that than in the Internet. World wide web is most likely the best and the most popular „place” to look for all kinds of ideas and inspirations, but we will have to browse through multitude of very similar( if not identical )websites containing the same boring ideas. Thankfully the Internet is not the only source of ideas for the bathroom design (

There are, for example, catalogues of…

bathrooms designs


There are, for example, catalogues of manufacturers of bathroom fittings – in these catalogues we can sometimes find complete designs of bathrooms, created with the use of furniture and fittings produced by a given manufacturer. There are also pictures of old, stylish bathrooms: if you look for some ideas regarding the arrangement and design of a Victorian bathroom, there is no better source of inspiration than old photos of original bathrooms from that era.

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