Oval sink – luxury in the bathroom

Basically all available nowadays on the market pieces of bathroom equipment can be divided int two main categories: common and elite. The first category contains all these fittings, which are bought by those of us, who don’ t quite care about the design of their bathroom and they prefer to arrange the place in a functional and comfortable way.

The latter is meant for…

The latter is meant for those, who want to impress everyone with their exquisite taste and the uniqueness of the design even if it is not very functional. Usually oval washbasins (sanitec-kolo.com) would be considered a part of the luxurious category, but thankfully there are designers who think about bathrooms in more utilitarian way without giving up new trends – as a result in bathroom stores we can find whole series of oval bathroom ceramics. The most distinctive piece of almost every series is an oval washbasin, which in the vast majority of cases is meant to be installed on the countertop.

bathroom inspiration

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Of course oval sinks are still not…

Of course oval sinks are still not very common in typical bathrooms due to their price, which usually is rather high, but when comes to the functionality they aren’ t much different from a standard countertop washbasin. Oval washbasin looks very elegant in practically every bathroom and if you look for a way of changing the look of the bathroom, you should consider buying one for yourself.

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