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Adjusting a bathing room to the needs of different people is often a very difficult task to accomplish. However, fitting a tilting mirror (sanitec-kolo.com) is likely to enhance the practicality aspect a lot.

The most difficult task architects and designer…

The most difficult task architects and designer have to face is to be found in a bathing room project. Apparently, a typical bathing room is used by a whole variety of people who obviously come in all sizes and this is where we run into problems. First of all, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to make everything be suitable for all people. First of all, there are problems with mirror height. Some prefer it higher and other would very much go for a lower configuration. Fortunately, by installing a titling mirror you can account for height differences very accurately.

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Tall ones are given a chance…

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Tall ones are given a chance to adjust a tilting mirror up so that an everyday shave is possible without any unnecessary gymnastics. Shorter ones, on the other hand, can bend it down so that even children can easily see their reflections without any problems. Another very important function that a tilting mirror serves is disability compliance. According to the association of disabled people, a titling mirror should be mandatory in public lavatories and hotel rooms so that everyone can use it without any obstacles.

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