Are the ideal bathrooms just the dream?

Some people are just like don Quijote, they do not give up even when they meet with a series of obstacles on their way. I will try to tell you that the ideal bathrooms are not just a vague concept or unclear idea. The ideal bathrooms are closer to you than you realize. I must admit I remodeled my bathroom four times. Each time it was a real hard work, the summer holidays spent supervising the workers remodeling my bathroom, instead of going to the islands of Crete.

Three times I have committed the…

Three times I have committed the same mistake, I did not define well my needs, and I tried to copycat the celebrities’ ideal bathrooms. I did not take into consideration that I arrange my bathroom for me, not for some distant Hollywood star, and for example I have to take into consideration that I am a left-handed. In the end I had all the cabinets, wall mounted hairdryer on the right side as well as the hot water faucet. The same story was with choosing the colors of the walls, I decided on the soft pink tiles, as I have read that pink will counterbalance my outgoing personality.

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In the end I felt like a rabbit in a Barbie house. In my forth attempt to catch the ideal bathrooms’ dream I decided to hire a bathroom consultant, with whom I spent a week analyzing my needs, habits and character. Now I can proudly say I believe in ideal bathrooms.

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