Ideal bathroom for ideal woman

Finding our own ideal is a difficult to achieve. Finding the ideal guy seems to be a mission impossible, and finally we totally fall in love with a guy who is exactly opposite to our ideal prince on the white horse. We just get convinced that he is the best for us, with an amazing sense of humor. But when it comes to a bathroom, fortunately we have more choice, and we can focus on adapting the interior this way that it becomes the ideal bathroom ( for us.

We know what we want…



We know what we want from life and we are not ready for the compromises. With relationship it is possible and necessary to be flexible, but the bathroom it has to be exactly like we want. The ideal bathroom must be breathtaking, with a modern design and first of all adapted to our needs and small habits. We demand the shower seat so we can shave our legs in a comfy way; we also demand the second little mirror just for our make-up purposes and first of all a lot of small wall mounted cabinets to be able to hide all our cosmetics. With our guy we can find a common solution that will be satisfactory for both of us…but when it comes to the ideal bathroom, no discussions whatsoever.

No one can stop us, as we…

No one can stop us, as we talk here about OUR ideal bathroom.

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