Tilting mirror – idea for all family

Mirror is a very important element of every bathroom, no wonder why we are looking for the most suitable models, when we design our bathroom. Nowadays, we have really a wide range of models and sizes of bathroom mirrors. Without no doubts everyone will find the most suitable model.

As for me, very good…

As for me, very good idea can be choosing a tilting mirror (sanitec-kolo.com), especially if we have big family, because such tilting mirror can be adjusted to the height of every member of the family. Of course we can say, that there are different solutions for families, such as big wall-mounted mirror which will be suitable for everyone, in every age. But what about young children, who are not able to see themselves in such mirror without any chair. Because even if it’s big it’s mounted above the sink, so it’s quite high on the wall.

Tilting mirror, as for me,…

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Tilting mirror, as for me, can be then better solution, because everyone will be able to adjust it to its height. I suppose, that such mirrors are not so popular and people are still choosing more traditional models. Maybe they are afraid, that such tilting mirror will be not so strong as traditional one.

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