Why water saving is so crucial?

We always close the tap when we brush teeth every morning, and the same we teach to our children. We fix the taps to avoid them dripping and we would never flower our garden if the rain were to come. Is it enough if we think about water saving.

Are there any other ways to become…

Are there any other ways to become ecological and take care about this precious source of life on our planet. Were you aware of the fact that your bathroom can also be a crucial point for water saving. To be called ecological, bathrooms need to have the water saving baths installed. This type of baths, are a little shallower then normal ones, reduce the usage of water. In the shape of the letter S, with comfy place for the elbows, water saving baths reduce the usage by 35%. And still you can have a pleasant bath. Also your bath and washbasin should be equipped with tap water meters that will help to avoid overflow, reduce the pressure and regulate the stream of water.

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Let’s not forget about the flushing toilet – your cistern can be filled by the recycled water that comes from the laundry or your bath. The cistern will have the reduced capacity – we do not need so many litters to flush the toilet, what only matters is the pressure of the flush. Water saving is within reach, but it requires wise decisions.

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