Lever taps for wise people

Nowadays we are bombarded by the news that the potable water is one of those natural resources that is disappearing too quickly. The rising prices of water reflect so painfully on our water bills. But do not worry, there is still one option left –we have to start saving water and lever taps are one of our allies in this fight.

If you are already scared,…

If you are already scared, it is easier then you suspect. Along with water saving baths or so called ‘’shallow baths’’, the lever taps are indispensable in every eco-friendly bathroom. First of all you can stop the flow of water just by one quick move. There is no need to keep it regulating endlessly as it was in case of the traditional taps. Consequently it is easier to regulate the temperature of water we need, being not too hot and not too cold, and while doing so, water is not running without a reason. It was measured that the lever taps help you save up to 15% of our water usage.

Lever taps for wise people – gallery

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Shocking, isn’t it. The lever taps are also a good help for children and the elders, who sometimes face problems while using the traditional water taps. Especially for the elders, in case of arthritis, and problems with hand joints, the lever taps can bring a lot of relief during the their daily bathroom routine.

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