Make your bathroom bigger with a corner toilet.

Are you frustrated and tired of your small and uncomfortable bathroom. Ther is a solution, which will not only be perfect for you when comes to saving space in the bathroom, but also will have an impact on your expenses as well as on the look of the bathroom. If you are wondering what item can make all the difference, I will tell you that I was speaking about the corner toilet.

It may seem not quite…

It may seem not quite revolutionary at the first glance, but believe me, you will notice the difference after installing one in your tiny bathroom. There are many, many options available and you have to choose wisely. If your main goal is to save as much space as possible, then you should choose a corner toilet and a corner pedestal sink. You will be amazed how much more available space you got in otherwise very tiny area. But this is not all: as I mentioned before, there is also an economical aspect.

While you may think that the corner…

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While you may think that the corner toilet is another hole in your home budget, it will be a god way to save money in the long run. Why. Because almost every modern corner toilet has two optins of flushing: full and half, allowing you to save water( and thus money )when you want to.

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