Advantages of shower units

It’s beyond a shadow of a doubt that shower units are now way more popular than bathtubs. Interestingly, the growing popularity of shower enclosures appears to match the size of an average bathing room. Providing a decisive answer to the question why shower units win the competition with bathtubs hands down isn’t that difficult at all.

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Apparently, it seems there are two main…

Apparently, it seems there are two main reasons why this is still the case. First of all, shower units aren’t only marginally cheaper to buy. As a matter of fact, an average shower enclosure is much cheaper than an average bathtub which is one of the two key facts to solving the whole problem. As we know, the global recession is still here and it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere else anytime soon which means a lot of people simply can’t afford to pay extra. Then there’s the size issue. Each and every of those shower units are much more conservative when it comes to occupying the bathroom space and that’s a big advantage for all those who happen to own a modern day flat.



For all sorts of reasons, modern flats feature very small bathing rooms which means one of those shower units is perfect. Unlike a bathtub, of course, which takes up a whole lot of space.

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