Regular or non concussive taps?

When it comes to public bathroom and lavatories, it must be admitted that special measures are needed in order to make sure everything is safe at all times. Therefore, regular taps appear to be losing the safety battle with non concussive taps for a whole number of reasons.

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As we know, there are…

As we know, there are very busy places and locations such as tube stations, airports or train stations. Also, hundreds of people use toilets in any supermarket or cinema which means that the risk factor is higher than it might seems. In particular, a regular tap that is used by a couple of hundred people on a daily basis is likely to develop some faults sooner or later. A faulty tap, then, is just one step from a disaster such as flooding.

Therefore, in order to always stay on the safe side, non concussive taps should be used in all those places which are likely to become very dangerous very quickly. Due to the way the non concussive taps were designed, it is possible to eliminate the flooding risk entirely.



Apparently, the non concussive taps themselves decide when the water flow should be switched off and in most cases it happens after 5 to 10 seconds after it’s been turned on by the tap user. At this point it should be borne in mind that the tap user has absolutely no way to influence the point at which the water is switched off.

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