Simple ideas how to decorate your wall frames.

Are you bored with the way your room looks but you do not have much money to re-decorate it. You do not have to spend a lot of money to change it. Simply, transform your accessories. Decorate your wall frames. Internet is full of DIY projects that show how to decorate your room and transform your accessories.

However, most of them are…

However, most of them are really expensive. Our ideas will allow you to make some changes to your wall frames without spending much money. Just look around your household. Do you have any old seashells from holidays years ago. If yes, you can easily stick them with glue on your wall frames and create fancy decoration on them. Colourful bath salts can also be used. You can glue them on the wall frames and create small pictures. Decorative stickers are becoming more and more popular nowadays.

They come in different sizes…

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They come in different sizes and themes, so you can use them on you wall frames. It is an easy way to completely transform you nursery theme whenever you feel like doing it. Another idea: take out all pictures and glass pars from you wall frames. Set up the frames on the wall in a way that they create specific shape. Use your imagination!.

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