Waterless urinal – facts.

Over twenty years ago in Germany lived an inventor, who invented something really revolutionary: a waterfree urinal. Introduced in 1991, it has quickly spread throughout the world and became very popular in some countries, while in other introduction of this kind of urinals is still a problem due to many protests and strong opposition from plumbing companies.


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Nevertheless, when comes to water saving, those urinals are the best possible solution. A single waterless urinal is not very effective: it can save up to about 40 thousand gallons of water each year – but only if used very often( over 80 times a day ). But try to imagine the effectiveness of not one such urinal, but let’s say fifty of them. The amount of saved water would be simply amazing – and this is the reason why some countries decided to install only waterfree urinals in schools, public toilets, railway stations, offices: basically everywhere, where a lot of people uses toilets.

By reducing water usage to zero we…

By reducing water usage to zero we can significantly change the amount of available reserves of drinking water. And those reserves are extremely important if the human race wants to live on the Earth for another few thousand years – if we will reasonably use what’s left of the natural resources, we can achieve this goal.

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