Twyford bathroom suites are for me

It is hard to write about being a satisfied customer, without being accused of subjectivity, or just a pure urge for advertising. I must say, that I always need a lot of time before I take any decision. I try to compare the entire offer available on the market, being guided by the ‘’quality versus price’’ rule.

So when I chose one of Twyford…

So when I chose one of Twyford bathroom suites, it was a wise, mature decision. I was searching for a bathroom that would be a good place for relaxation. I don’t know how about you, but I get profoundly relaxed only in the long bath, with natural oils and candlelight. I was seeking a suite with huge bath, but not necessarily a deep one,( for the environment reasons ), with a lot of light in the bathroom and feeling of ‘’empty’’ space.

Twyford bathroom suites answer and respect those needs. For me all the decorative elements like marble angels or fancy strong colors are just unnecessary in the space that is destined to be my oasis. Twyford bathroom suites focus on elegance, they are designed to be simple and functional, but in none of the meanings ‘’ordinary’. Above all I appreciate their choice of high quality bathroom materials, from anticorrosive steel to the natural wood.

In one word, Twyford bathroom suites have ‘’it’’, the quality that is necessary to create a perfect bathroom.

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