Bathtub screen

Choosing a bathing tub to be fitted in your bathroom proves to be a very tricky thing to do. Apparently, not only do you get to choose one out of a hundred bathtubs but also you need to choose a bathtub screen. Every time you try to refresh the looks of your bathing room you’re bound to feel useless.

Before you even get to choose anything,…

Before you even get to choose anything, you need to know the layout of your bathroom first. If it’s a combined one with just a shower enclosure, then you should immediately report that to the shop assistant. On the other hand, if it’s a split type, then you’re free to choose your favourite bath tub design out of more than a hundred offers. When buying a tub, you should also consider ordering a bathtub screen for your bathing room. A screen is a piece of glass or plastic which is responsible for keeping all the hot air and water steam around you when you’re having a bath.

bathtub screen




A bathtub screen doesn’t allow the hot…



A bathtub screen doesn’t allow the hot air to mix with colder air from the bathing room. According to doctors, a good bathtub screen significantly reduces the risk of catching a cold which a very good thing.

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