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The technology of eco bathrooms.

Since the concept of eco bathroom has been present in the media for quite a while now, I assume that you are more or less familiar with it. Let us then discuss the details of the technology of eco bathrooms. First and foremost, you need to know that eco bathrooms, as their name suggests, set

Water efficient bathroom – is it possible?

Efficient usage of water in our bathroom is a goal that for some people is really difficult to achieve not because they don’ t want that, but rather because they don’ t know how to do that. Looking for some advice in the Internet may be helpful, but not always the information found there is

Ecological and economical bathroom

Living in an era of globalization and mass production leads many of us to thinking that all our efforts are insignificant and unimportant, which is not true – there are things we can change and even such relatively small contribution is very substantial when considered in the wider context.